2018 balance sheet and 2019 resolutions

My 2018 assessment is described with the following words:

- Change: in March 2018, I left a stable job to start 100% in my passion, sewing. I absolutely do not regret this choice. I live beautiful challenges, I go out of my comfort zone every day and I thrive more and more.

- Gratitude: I want to say THANK YOU to my family, my friends, my partners and my collaborators for their support as well as allowing me to live this dream. They help me surpass myself, visualize and develop my business.

- Happiness: my inspiration words in my business creation were Happiness, Sharing and Sweetness. My creations reflect each of them.

In itself, my results are very positive. You can find me in several stores in Quebec (Le Carc - Carotte Joyeuse, Haricot Magique, Bidon Filled, Pignon sur Rue, Espace Bambin and Lemieux). I met extraordinary people during the events. I lack words to describe all my actions, my achievements and my enthusiasm. Thank you @ 2018. And I'm ready for 2019 ;-) !!!

But who says end-of-year review, also says resolutions and convictions for the next one. So here is the `` non-exhaustive list '' of my resolutions for 2019:

- Make the most of my family.

- Help you in your transition to a lifestyle without waste.

- Be present in new Canadian stores.

- Continue to consume less to have little waste.

- Offer you new creations.

- Be present at more events.

- Surprise yourself again.

- Take English lessons.

- Develop my seamless sewing and Furoshiki workshops.

- Share relevant information on ecology, minimalist lifestyle, actions or programs to reduce consumption.

< p> - Develop my business.

- Find you beautiful organic textiles.

- Give you tips and tricks to declutter the rooms in your house.

< p> - Continue to follow the 5R principle: Refuse what we don't need; Reduce what we don't need; Reuse what is reusable; Recycle what it is impossible to refuse; Reduce or Reuse.

- Compost organic waste.

- Share you enriching blog articles.

- Visit my family in France more often. < / p>

- Create unforgettable family moments for me.


And you, what is your assessment for the year just ended and what are your resolutions or the changes you want to make in your life?

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