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The DelycaStef washable coloring book is undoubtedly a star item in the collection!

With washable crayola, children are given free rein and their imagination on coloring pages or place mats.

Then we slip everything into the washing machine and, a “load” later, we find the white sheets of the notebook, with no trace of the pretty colored markers used.

Placemats, napkins and extra coloring pages are also available.

Washable coloring bookWashable coloring bookWashable coloring bookWashable and reusable spongeWashable coloring book


The washable coloring book allows endless coloring. Additional washable coloring pages can be added using the buttonhole system.

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Coloring table setColoring table setColoring table setColoring table setColoring table set


For lunches, during outings, or at home, this placemat is easy to carry. It folds, you can add the markers in the jeans pocket. And above all you gain hours of pleasure. many patterns are available.

what pattern for my doily
Coloring napkin - Beach, superhero, unicorn and llamaColoring napkin - dinosaur, mermaid, sloth and cactusColoring napkin - Birds, princess, alphabet and jungle



They are versatile. You can color it or not. You can use it as a napkin, placemat or handkerchief. It's up to you They come in a set of 4 with 4 different designs

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Washable coloring pageWashable coloring pageWashable coloring pageWashable Coloring Page - Sloth / MermaidWashable coloring page - cactus / birds


In your coloring book, you can add additional pages thanks to the buttonhole system integrated into the book

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