Where do your fabrics come from?

Recycled fabrics (jeans, sweaters and others) are mostly made from. The Gourmand snail is a possible deposit point for your donations
New fabrics are organic fabrics

Do you have delivery costs?

Postage costs are automatically withdrawn as soon as the order exceeds $ 100 before taxes for regular-priced items. Clearance items that do not count towards the $ 100 may be combined with an eligible order at no additional cost. For purchases under $ 100, a $ 12 flat fee will apply for mail.

Is there a surcharge for large or heavy items? < / u>

Certain large volume or high weight products have a postal overload which remains even if the invoice includes more than $ 100 of products at regular price.

What maintenance for waxed packaging?

You should clean them in cold or lukewarm water with your mild dish soap. Then let them dry on your counter. It is very important that they are not in contact with a heat source. Otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.

How do waxed packaging work?

It is a coated fabric that replaces the plastic wrap. To create grip on your packaging, just heat it up with your hands. If you try to pack a container or a food which leaves the refrigerator, the adhesion will be longer to do this because the wax will freeze with the contact of the cold

What are the balls of drying?

They soften your laundry, reduce your drying time and reduce the formation of static.

How then I wash my washable sponges?

Sponges can be washed in your washing machine or in your dishwasher

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How do the coloring books, pages and place mats work?

It is important to use washable or ultra-washable markers for an optimal experience .
once the coloring is finished, you just have to put your article in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Don't worry, the felt will not rub off on the rest of your laundry.


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