Couronne DelycaStef

flowers ring

    DelycaStef's recycled denim wreaths are more than just decoration; it's an eco-friendly piece of art that brings a touch of nature and style to any space. Designed with passion in Quebec, each crown is a unique piece, made from various recycled materials, mainly upcycled denim pants. This gives it a unique texture and aesthetic that is both minimalist and welcoming.

    They can be used all year round as a timeless accent for your home, office or to celebrate special occasions. Its charm lies in its elegant simplicity, capable of enhancing any space with a rustic and modern touch at the same time.

    In addition to being a decorative piece, DelycaStef's recycled denim wreaths are an ethical choice. By opting for this accessory, you support an ecological approach to fashion, interior decoration and the circular economy. Each crown embodies the creative reuse and revaluation of materials, thus contributing to the reduction of waste.

    It is also an extraordinary gift for a loved one who appreciates ecological and original decorative accessories. Offering a crown of recycled denim flowers means offering a unique and durable piece of art, imbued with the beauty of nature and Quebec artisanal know-how.