The Quebec company DelycaStef transforms the disposable objects of our homes into reusable and washable items by integrating everyday textiles such as jeans pants or fabrics respecting environmental charters.


Let me introduce myself, Stephanie.

Originally from France, I got married in February 2008 and the theme of my wedding was Canada. With my spouse we came for our honeymoon in February and March 2008, the year of snow records. We literally fell in love with the beautiful province of Quebec. Barely returned to France, we launched our immigration file.

I arrived in Quebec in June 2009. At that time, I was working in the field of events and I had the chance to find a job in this sector of activity. And not just any job, project manager for the programming of a winter event. I have accumulated 17 years of experience in organizing events throughout my career.

Then I had two wonderful children. And there, selfishly I wanted to spend more time with them. My beliefs and values ​​have evolved. And I wanted to continue to grow professionally. In my heart, I knew there was a talent that I dared not put forward despite the advice of my friends and family.

In 2018 it clicked, I started: I show my talents in sewing, my passion for textiles by integrating my environmental awareness in relation to overconsumption.

While researching my business name, the words HAPPINESS, SHARING, and SOFTNESS were my base. It was important to include my family in it too. So here is the meaning of DelycaStef (pun with delicacy).

DE: for the beginning of my surname

LY: are the initials of my spouse

CA: are the first 2 letters of my daughter Capucine's first name

And STEF: is my nickname 😉

In my logo, there is also the Capucine flower and this symbol ''-… '' which is a B in Morse code for the first name of my son Baptiste. Finally the orange color is the reference for my son's red hair.

I am passionate about sewing, constantly looking for new ideas, I try to integrate as many recycled, organic or sustainable products as possible into my creations. Jeans is a material that brings back many memories. Timeless, it represents durability, comfort and moments of sharing.

I want to awaken families to the fact that we can help the planet with simplicity and kindness, by consuming less and better, while reducing our waste, and integrating our daily textiles.

​The washable coloring book is undoubtedly a star element of the collection! We give free rein to the children and their imagination, then we slip everything into the washer and a "load" later, we find the sheets of the white notebook, without a trace of the pretty colored markers used! Many other products are also available on my website: ultra-soft wipes, paper towels, sponges, placemats, utensil pouches, snack bags, dryer balls and other bulk bags will delight households embarking on a waste reduction target.

My mission is therefore:



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