Do you like spending time in your bathroom? How do you feel when you enter it? Do you feel like you throw a lot of stuff in there?

There are many solutions to have a healthy and serene bathroom.

I have designed items that will replace your disposable items and soft and durable items for you and your family.

Washable wipes - unitWashable wipes - unitWashable wipes - unitWashable wipes - unitWashable wipes - unit


On average, a family consumes about 2200 disposable cottons per year. In addition they are not gentle on the skin and create small aggressiveness. The solution to replace them are washable wipes. They are not only ultra soft with a velvet effect on the skin and a pack of 8 can have a lifespan between 8 and 10 years depending on its maintenance ;-). Its fiber removes your makeup very well without makeup remover.

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Ultra-soft washcloths - ivory


Like the wipes, they are ultra-soft. They are perfect for washing the body of young and old alike. They are made of cotton and bamboo and the latter is the latter is naturally antibacterial.

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Very soft for the nose. They are made of bamboo muslin. No more bulky tissue boxes.

Headband - dark denimDouble color headband - green and whiteDouble color headband - burgundy and blue shirtDouble color headband - burgundy and check shirt


What will a bathroom be without accessories to tie our hair to?

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Washable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable sponge


We don't just wash our skin in the bathroom, but we also clean its surfaces. Sponges, paper towels, dryer balls and feather dusters will be ideal for cleaning.

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In our bathroom, we also put our jewellery.

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And yes, sometimes we travel and we have to protect our toothbrushes ;-)

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