lingettes lavables - DelycaStef


    DelycaStef washable wipes are a sustainable solution to replace disposable cotton pads. Carefully made in Quebec, they embody the authenticity of local know-how while promoting a local and sustainable economy.

    These wipes are designed with bamboo velor, making them both soft and comfortable for daily use. They ensure a soft feeling on your skin and offer an ideal texture for deep cleansing.

    One of the major advantages of these wipes is their washable and reusable nature. By choosing these wipes, you are making a responsible choice for the environment by reducing the amount of waste linked to the use of disposable cotton pads. In addition, they are economical in the long term, because you will no longer need to buy disposable cotton pads.

    To care for these wipes, simply wash them in warm or hot water, then let them air dry or throw them in the dryer. Their small size of 8 cm x 8 cm makes them convenient to use and wash.

    Each wipe features one side in 100% printed cotton, adding an aesthetic touch, and another side in eco-friendly bamboo terry cloth, ensuring gentle makeup removal.

    Opting for washable makeup remover wipes from DelycaStef means choosing a responsible alternative for your makeup removal routine while contributing to the preservation of the environment. Discover comfort, durability and ecology with these versatile and practical wipes.