When you walk into your kitchen, how do you feel? Is this vital room in a home organized, simple and welcoming?

DelycaStef products will help make your tasks in this room easier.

I let you discover the few articles that will accompany you in all simplicity and benevolence in your routines.

Washable kitchen towel - gray with XWashable paper towel - orange leaves (grey interior)Washable kitchen towel - grayWashable paper towel - pink flowersWashable paper towel - blue giant flowers

Paper towels

Napkin, dish towel, rag,... infinite functions for a roll that will replace 750 rolls of disposable paper towels

I want some
Washable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable spongeWashable and reusable sponges - set of 2 - blackWashable and reusable sponge

Washable sponges

Singly or in pairs, sponges are the perfect combination for washing up and cleaning. And to clean them, they go in the dishwasher or in the washing machine ;-)

Go for colorful cleaning
Lunch box kit - black and yellowColoring table setUtensils / toothbrush pouchSnack bag - smallSnack or sandwich bag

Efficient lunches

Of course, in the kitchen we also prepare lunches. Do you know the timeless version in jeans and easy to use?

I want to discover it