Assessment and preparation for 2020

Bilan et préparation pour 2020

When looking at your year, don't just see your negative points. Congratulate your successes, your great actions and your favorite moments.

Personally, I would like to say thank you to my new partnerships, to the clients I have met, to my professional projects. And in my personal life, I thank the trip to France, it's been 5 years since I had this privilege. Thank you to my spouse and my children for their support, for their laughter and their presence .😉

My list of gratitude is really long, I will not list it for you. But it's an exercise that I don't do only once a year. I write 3 gratitudes every night before bed. If that tempts you to do it too. You will see that your life will only be more positive.

Did you have any goals for your year that were not met? Have you done everything to make them happen.

My best advice is not to stay in your comfort zone. Whenever I go off the beaten track, it is in these moments that I improve and take up challenges that make me proud.

I wonder if my organization and my planning are achievable .

If you have had difficulties, ask yourself how to solve them or what to do so that they do not happen. Try to put yourself in my place of the person in front of you and analyze their point of view and not yours. This will increase the ease of decision making, communication and difficulty analysis.

Sit in a quiet place. Once the analysis of your year has been completed, write down your objectives for the future year.

Would you like to increase your quality moments with your family, discover a new place, learn a new language, develop a professional project ....

Write down your goal precisely. Put a date, a place, the people it involves, the necessary funds ... Then, the most essential part, the steps to achieve it. What do you need to put in place to reach your goal. Analyze the possible pitfalls and the solutions to avoid them.

I wish you all your dreams come true

And see you next year 🎄🎉🤩

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