Happy Mother's Day

We are in May. Spring sets in. The buds appear in the trees ...

But what is also happening this month? We emphasize even more the love we have for our mothers. These precious women who are there for us no matter what, who give us their advice, who comfort us ...

How can we celebrate this date with her, even if we are in transition Zero waste?

Here are some ideas:

- solid soaps and shampoo

- a day at the spa with your mom

< p> - a kit of ultra-soft cleansing wipes

- going to the hairdresser

- a restaurant she doesn't know

- a film by girls at the cinema

- a workshop for manual work (sewing, ceramics, soaps ...)

- a sports session for girls (cycling, running, hiking. ..)

- a declaration of love or a poem explaining the importance it has in your life

- a bouquet of flowers

- a recycled item such as a vintage photo frame with a crazy / funny photo of you and her

- create a surprise event with all children and toddlers -children together

I hope these few proposals will inspire you. Our moms are unique. Let's take advantage of this beautiful day to create even more beautiful memories.

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