Couture Without Couture

Several items for the home can be made with some of our old clothes. I'll show you in a few photos how to transform leggings or socks into tawashis (Japanese sponges) and t-shirts into carrying bags.

The material you will need:

leggings or socks

- a pair of scissors

- a craft (board with 1 square of 20 nails)


> leggings or the top of a sock 10 strips of about 2 cm.

Step 2: Place 5 strips of in the horizontal direction.

Step 3: In the vertical direction, place the last 5 strips in a weaving movement (top / bottom). In the first nail from the bottom, place the strip on the nail, and it will pass over the first horizontal strip, then below the second horizontal strip, then above the third horizontal strip and so continued.

When you start the second vertical strip, you must do the opposite. Start by going under the first horizontal strip, then above, etc.

Once the ten strips are installed on the loom with the weaving method, comes the finalization of the sponge. As I could not take a photo of this stage, I will do my best to explain it to you simply ;-)

Take the end of the first horizontal strip on the left nail. Put your thumb and forefinger inside the band (either replace the nail). Then, with your fingers, which you will use as pliers, grab the end of the second horizontal strip. Place your fingers in the second horizontal strip and grab the third ... Go around the loom. When you have no more tape on the studs, pass your last strip in the very first one and tie a kind of knot. WELL DONE! You have just made your first Tawashi. You can use it to do your housework or your dishes. And you know what, it is washable and can be used forever ;-)

Materials you will need:

- a pair of scissors

> a t-shirt

Step 1: Unfold the t-shirt and put it inside out.

Step two:

the photo in two /

in two: >

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