Ecological packaging

Christmas is upon us !!! Have you thought about your gifts?

For our part, we are going to offer family outings, vouchers for weekends, to go to restaurants or for DelycaStef creations; -)

But do you know how to package your products in an eco-responsible way?

I suggest three methods:

This is a traditional Japanese technique used to carry clothes, gifts, a bento, etc. You have to take a large square of cloth, like a scarf. With a few folds and knots, you get a wonderful gift in no time. Some also call it "wrapagami", but in this case, clothing must be used for packaging. The object inside is a gift, but the outside becomes a gift too ;-)

If you are more comfortable with" paper "packaging, I suggest using newspapers used, cereal boxes or recycled posters. With a little origami style folding, you can offer gifts presented in an original and unique way.

Craft paper is recyclable and often designed with recycled paper.

The packaging Gifts we can find commercially are rarely recyclable because they include a waxed plastic finish that creates a lustrous effect. Tell me, do you like to pick up the mounds of packaging at the end of the opening of the gifts?

Boxes or tin cans, cans or cans, shoes are also a great source of inspiration ;-) Your children can embellish them with paint and DIY items.

I wish you great creativity for your packaging !!!!

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