Prepare for Christmas

Préparer Noël

Last year, I mentioned zero-waste gifts to you in the Valentine's Day article C3% A9ro-d% C3% A9chet.

I bring you a new thought. Do you remember your childhood Christmas gifts? What are the elements that make up your memories?

Me, it was family moments, meals, exchanges, frenzy, giggles!

You see where I what are you getting?

When you buy your gifts, think twice about what you are going to offer. Does this person really need it? If you know, ask yourself if he already has it. Is this article useful and durable? Can I find it in second-hand articles? Or if I have one at home, do I use it? If not, can I offer it?

Often when we buy an item, it makes us more happy than the people who receive it.

The markets Christmas is coming up. If you want to encourage local artisans, now is the right time ;-)

What we especially look for are moments of happiness and joy. For simplicity, games and good food for the holiday season.

Think simple games. For example, during 30 minutes of your evening, you should not say yes or no. Otherwise, there is a pledge ;-)

Also, there is the classic game Daddy's jokes. Laughter guaranteed! ;-)

If you want to exchange gifts, here are some ideas:

- what I have and what I don't want anymore

- good for a service

- Useful every day

- I did it myself

Good preparations!

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