Zero Waste Valentine's Day

< p> You will tell me: '' Another commercial celebration! There is no specific date to declare our love ... ''

And you are probably right. In an eco-responsible way, I will offer you solutions to enjoy your sweet half on Valentine's Day, but also throughout the year.

Here are some suggestions for a zero waste gift:

Enhance these moments with a beautiful atmosphere. You can light candles, put essential oils, make up or style your hair differently ...

When we offer moments to share, we create memories together. Contrary to a material gift, when we remember these evenings, these outings or these little attentions, we can laugh at them, reviving the madness, the love and the feeling of the moment. Take advantage of every moment, your life is precious and delicate.

And for those who still lack ideas, here are some good gifts to cut out and use throughout the year ...

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