Eco-friendly vacation

Summer is finally here !!!! What have you planned to rest and recharge your batteries? We want to disconnect from our daily lives and change our habits. But if you already have a conscience and ecological habits how should you do to maintain them during the holidays.

During your vacation, your water bottle and reusable bags are easily transportable. They will save you from buying plastic water bottles and taking single-use bags. During your walks keep your waste in a bag and you can throw it away as soon as you find a trash can. Sort them before you throw them away

You are visiting a new city or a new country, think local. You can make wonderful discoveries in the producers and crafts of your destination. A morning visit to a public market to do your grocery shopping, the smells, flavors and colors will be unforgettable. And it's also an opportunity to soak up local customs.

Nothing better to discover a new destination than walking, cycling or public transport. Try not to travel with your car.

Do you want to take a trip in nature, camping or new outdoor activities? Before running, equip yourself in the first large area. Ask your network if they are not a camping tent to lend you, canoe or other. They may not need it in the same time period as you and you will save a lot of money. You can also shop on second hand sites or rent them.

There are many sustainable tourism research sites. You can discover a region and customs or going homestay. Unusual chalets or habitats to discover.